Sunday, October 2, 2016

Download Vacation On The Beach Apk Download

Vacation On The Beach

Download Vacation On The Beach Apk Download

Collect all cubes on the island and start to expand it. See how it is to living on a beautifull island full of palms, imagine the smell of the leaves of the palm trees, join us! Expand the island and pleasently spend time on the beach!

Game features:

â–¶ Build "Bikes" shop to get the bike. Ride on the bike and collect cubes even faster. â—Ž
â–¶ Cut trees to gain cubes. â—Ž
â–¶ Buy a ticket and fly to Egypt, meet mummies in the pyramid, see the sphinx, go to temple! â—Ž
â–¶ Create "Zip-line" to get more cubes, but be careful and don't fall down. â—Ž
â–¶ Swim on the boat and collect all cubes, meet dolphins. â—Ž
â–¶ You can play in "Archery" and win 5 cubes every time you hit in the middle of the shield. â—Ž
â–¶ Build "Booster" and see how it is to fly. â—Ž
â–¶ Dive beneath the ocean and swim around the island! Discover underwater life! â—Ž
â–¶ Once you jumped with a parachute? Now is your chance! â—Ž
â–¶ You need food to survive. For example, you can eat crabs or coconuts. â—Ž
â–¶ Build airport and fly on the other island! â—Ž
â–¶ Buy a doghouse and take care of your dog. â—Ž
â–¶ In the forge you can create weapons. Make sticks to cut down trees faster. You need arrows to play in archery. â—Ž
â–¶ Kindle a bonfire on the beach! â—Ž
â–¶ Fly into the forest and collect cubes from palms five times faster (airport needed)! â—Ž

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Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played "Vacation On The Beach"! ♕♕♕

NOTE: This app is not created by Mojang, nor is it affiliated, or supported by them at all.
The game is inspired by Minecraft, Survivalcraft and Terraria style.

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