Monday, October 3, 2016

Download Space corsair Apk Download

Space corsair

Download Space corsair Apk Download
★ Space Corsair ★ is a 2D game that combines space shooter and RPG gameplay to create an immersive, fun, and addictive game with hours of play... all for free

☆ Aboard your own spaceship, you are a corsair space pirate traveling across the galaxy :
- Become the hero of the galaxy
- Improve your spaceship (laser, shield, missiles, hyperdrive engine, booster, ...)
- Take part in epic battles
- Unlock achievements
- Explore freely in the entire galaxy
- Many hours of gameplay
... All for free !

☆ Online multiplayer mode

☆ Various original missions :
- Bounty hunting
- Treasure quests
- Asteroid mining
- Transport ship escort
- Rescue missions
- Trade with space stations to make your fortune
- Become a gladiator of the galactic arena
- Destroy and loot pirates
- Buy new powerful spaceships

And many more adventures to unlock!

☆ About Space Corsair :
Inspired from pc games like the "X3" saga or "spaces pirates and zombies", this space opera contains many of their features plus much more leading its players to acclaim it as a wonderful and addictive game.

☆ All the game's levels and missions are playable for free.

Download Link : Link

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Download Vacation On The Beach Apk Download

Vacation On The Beach

Download Vacation On The Beach Apk Download

Collect all cubes on the island and start to expand it. See how it is to living on a beautifull island full of palms, imagine the smell of the leaves of the palm trees, join us! Expand the island and pleasently spend time on the beach!

Game features:

â–¶ Build "Bikes" shop to get the bike. Ride on the bike and collect cubes even faster. â—Ž
â–¶ Cut trees to gain cubes. â—Ž
â–¶ Buy a ticket and fly to Egypt, meet mummies in the pyramid, see the sphinx, go to temple! â—Ž
â–¶ Create "Zip-line" to get more cubes, but be careful and don't fall down. â—Ž
â–¶ Swim on the boat and collect all cubes, meet dolphins. â—Ž
â–¶ You can play in "Archery" and win 5 cubes every time you hit in the middle of the shield. â—Ž
â–¶ Build "Booster" and see how it is to fly. â—Ž
â–¶ Dive beneath the ocean and swim around the island! Discover underwater life! â—Ž
â–¶ Once you jumped with a parachute? Now is your chance! â—Ž
â–¶ You need food to survive. For example, you can eat crabs or coconuts. â—Ž
â–¶ Build airport and fly on the other island! â—Ž
â–¶ Buy a doghouse and take care of your dog. â—Ž
â–¶ In the forge you can create weapons. Make sticks to cut down trees faster. You need arrows to play in archery. â—Ž
â–¶ Kindle a bonfire on the beach! â—Ž
â–¶ Fly into the forest and collect cubes from palms five times faster (airport needed)! â—Ž

✿ Already a fan of Vacation On The Beach? Follow us on Facebook for the latest news:

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played "Vacation On The Beach"! ♕♕♕

NOTE: This app is not created by Mojang, nor is it affiliated, or supported by them at all.
The game is inspired by Minecraft, Survivalcraft and Terraria style.

Download Link : Link

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Cheats Zombie Killer Squad

Zombie Killer Squad

Cheats Zombie Killer Squad
New characters, new weapons, new achievement system. Everything is brand NEW!!!

We've heard your voice and the 2.0 version is finally here. It will definitely blow your - or zombies' - mind. Join Luke, SeaNanners, Syndicate, iHasCupQuake, and TmarTn on this new journey!

2.2 Updates:
- Fix for weapon upgrade bugs
- Fix for badge rank up bugs

2.0 Updates:
- 2 New Characters: TmarTn & Cupquake
- Achievements: Level Up Your Rank, Unlock Accessories and Weapons by Completing Objectives
- All Characters Have Specific Advantages
- 3 New Weapons: El Laser, Noob Tube, Yotslazer
- Weapons Are Now Upgradable
- 6 New Accessories For Head, Torso, and Legs
- Major & Minor Bug Fixes
- New HUD Meter Showing Zombie Multiplier

Previous Updates:

- Addition of the Weapons Locker: You now have the ability to choose from an arsenal of weapons that will be constantly updated!
- New Weapons: Choose from 1 of 3 new weapons including:
- "The Closer" A long distance sniper rifle.
- "The Viper" A powerful crossbow that penetrates 3 zombies at a time.
- "The Shelby" A triple barrled shotgun and destroys zombies in 3 lanes at a time.

- Addition of a new map and new zombie types!

- Silhouetted Character (See if you can guess who's coming next)

- Main menu UI updates
- Various Bug Fixes
- Critical Performance Fixes
- Improved Stability
- Improved GUI
- Mount Improvements
- Shop Fixes

- Addition of the Coin Multiplier (Ability to purchase 2X multiplier to double your coins per run!)
- Addition of the Zombie Multiplier (Kill more zombies, multiply your score!)
- Addition of Item Directory in Shop (Don't know what everything is, look it up in the directory!)

Download Link : Link

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Climbing Man unlimted resources

Climbing Man

Climbing Man unlimted resources
Exciting 3D super hero simulator!
Intense criminal fights.
Variety of weapons and wide ammunition selection!
Acrobatic tricks and special skills to learn.
Easy character and cars controls .
Experience the amazing rope hero adventures in a crime city! Stay on the path of law and justice and protect the city!

Advanced rope devices on your hands with unlimited charges will help you to travel fast around the town, just swing and throw the rope! Climb the building with a special staff covered gloves! Use different weapons to kill endless enemies, from spider web pistol to bazooka!

You are a heroic man and people needs you because nobody else can help them stop the bandits from claiming the city control.

Download Link : Link

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3D MMO Celtic Heroes unlimted resources

3D MMO Celtic Heroes

3D MMO Celtic Heroes unlimted resources

Join together with millions of other players in real-time from across the world and enjoy a truly stunning and unforgettable MMO adventure full of challenging quests and battles, heroic feats and new friendships!

NEW WINTER EVENT! The Cranfir people have come down from the Dor-Keln Mountains to aid the people of Dal Riata against the forces of the evil god of the maelstrom; Taranis.

Become real Celtic Heroes, and lead your Clan to victory in this incredibly unique and epic MMORPG gaming experience on your mobile device with hundreds of thousands of hours of game-play available!

★ Embark on a truly epic 3D MMORPG journey across the vast and beautiful Highlands.
★ Customise your character with unique features!
★ Develop and master your skills to match your own play-style whilst you build new friendships!
★ Join Clans together and compete against rivals in real-time, to fight thousands of legendary enemies including ruthless invaders, brutal trolls and ferocious fire breathing dragons.
★ Chat and trade items in game with other Heroes and Clan mates as you progress on your travels to protect the mythical Dal Riata from threatening dark forces!

Join millions of players online in an epic journey through a massive 3D open-world MMO of Celtic Mythology

+ FREE TO PLAY: true 3D MMORPG Celtic Heroes in real-time!
+ 5 fully customisable character classes to play - Warrior, Mage, Druid, Ranger, Rogue.
+ Massive stunning 3D MMO open-world gameplay (worldwide)
+ Chat and form Clans with hundreds of thousands of players from around the world in real-time!
+ RPG style hundreds of varied and challenging quests to complete, inspired by Celtic mythology
+ PvP Battles and Combat Duels challenging the bravest!
+ Earn & trade thousands of weapons, armour and items
+ Game Language: English

➟ Supports Android 2.3.3 and up
➟ Game access requires mobile internet or wifi connection
➟ Touchscreen device required to play

Millions of gamers have already ventured into the expansive worlds of this massive 3D MMO Celtic Heroes the most immersive 3D MMO on mobile. Join now for an epic open-world true 3D MMORPG experience in real-time!

Are you a true hero? Dal Riata needs you!


Visit our MMORPG website for news and updates online:
3D MMO Celtic Heroes -
Chat with other players:
Follow us on Twitter!
Like us on Facebook!
+ us on Google+!

Download Link : Link

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Download 3D Stunt Flight Simulator 2016 Apk Download

3D Stunt Flight Simulator 2016

Download 3D Stunt Flight Simulator 2016 Apk Download
Get ready to really feel like a flight pilot!
This epic flight simulator will feel like a whole new entity due to the fact that is has not 1 type of airplane like all other games. 3D Stunt Flight Simulator 2016 has 4different types of airplanes.
- An epic stunt airplane in which you are quick, fast and very agile.
- A military airplane for bombing the shit out of the world
- A normal airplane for transporting passengers
- A flight drone for those recon espionage missions (which are covert so don’t mention it to anyone)

3D Stunt Flight Simulator will take you to the limit of your flying skills. Enjoy 25 different missions in which you can earn respect. You need the respect to fly the other planes. Never has there been a pilot who flew all these different planes. You will be the first in 3D Stunt Flight Simulator 2016!

3D Stunt Flight Simulator 2016 - Game Features:
5 epic airplanes waiting for you to be flown
25 missions which vary in difficulty
Learn to fly in the game
Become a well respected pilot
Perform stunts you never dared to do in real life!

We’re on Twitter, Facebook and more - find us on your favourite networks to hear about our newest games and other news updates:
Facebook -
Twitter -
YouTube -

Download Link : Link

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Kindergarten Workbook unlimted resources

Kindergarten Workbook

Kindergarten Workbook unlimted resources
This interactive workbook will teach your kids important kindergarten subjects while they have fun! 7 different topics loaded with fun animations, sound effects, graphics, and a variety of interactive elements.

Helpful voice narration makes learning topics such as the alphabet, phonics, and numbers fun and easy. And you can monitor your children's learning with automatic grading as they progress through the lessons.

This free version includes the alphabet section for free, unlock all 7 topics through a simple in-app purchase.

- Alphabet
- Phonics
- Numbers
- Spelling
- Shapes & Colors
- Patterns
- Time

Download Link : Link

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